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Report Card 2007: Perry County High School

According to the 2007 Report Card issued by the Tennessee Department of Education, Perry County High School is in "good standing" and meets all benchmarks of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Average daily membership in the reporting period was 319 students. Of that total, 97.1% were white, 2.3% were African-American, .3% were Hispanic, and .3% were Native American or Alaskan.

Economically disadvantaged students were numbered at 155, or 53.3%.

The student population was 47.6% and 52.4% female and male, respectively.

Attendance rate at PCHS was 93.3%, slightly higher than the state goal of 93%.

The cohort dropout rate was 7.1%, below the state average of 10%, but higher than in previous years; in 2005 the dropout rate was 5.7%, and in 2006, 4.7%.

The graducation rate for PCHS was 83.3%, considerably lower than the state goal of 90%.

The eleventh grade TCAP writing grade in 2007 was a "B," lower than the state average of "A," and lower than the 2006 grade of "A" at PCHS.

ACT scores of students in grades 9-12 at PCHS were, across the board, slightly lower than state averages in 2007:

  • Composite: 19.3 at PCHS, 20.7 statewide;
  • English: 18.8 at PCHS, 20.8 statewide;
  • Math: 18.0 at PCHS, 19.9 statewide;
  • Reading: 20.2 at PCHS, 21.1 statewide;
  • Science/Reasoning: 19.4 at PCHS, 20.4 statewide.

Fifteen suspensions were reported for the year; of that number, one was African-American, six were female, and nine were male. There were no expulsions.

The percentage of courses taught by "highly qualified teachers" was 97.2%, which translates to 2.8%, or one core course not taught by a highly qualified teacher.

Perry County High School serves students in grades 9-12.

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